Madigner is a social enterprise – a hybrid between a charitable organization and a profitable business. Therefore, although it functions as a limited company, it can also undertake charitable activities. Any profits made are directly invested into the local community in Kessab.

Madigner is the local community’s portal to promote the skilfully handmade embroideries from the region of Kessab and exposes them to the global market.

Madigner is about a whole community working together to improve its situation and aspire positive change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a system that will sustain itself to meet the needs of the community in Kessab at all times – in good times as well as bad times.

Our Vision

The long term vision is to find a forum through which the efforts of all those interested in the region of Kessab and its welfare are linked up to work together towards building a resilient community where the work of the community is invested directly in meeting the needs of the community.  

the immediate vision in the current times of hardship is multi-fold:

  • Provide job opportunities by turning hobbies into a source of income.
  • Boost morale by empowering people to help themselves rather than relying on aid.
  • Tend to the basic needs of the local community, particularly the younger generation by providing opportunities for developing skills and exercising hobbies.
  • Encourage the spirit of collaborative working with existing community organizations. 
  • To promote the handmade embroidery of Kassab.
  • Add handmade embroideries to the repertoire of Kessab’s eminent fame.

Our Core Values

inclusive and collaborative




community empowerment

How Does it Work?

Madigner operates as follows:

  • local knitters produce handmade embroideries working in their own homes.
  • Madigner promotes these embroideries through the local shop, online marketing, and projects.
  • the profits made are then invested back to meet the needs of the community, such as funding social activities, organizing educational and skill development courses, coordinating service-based projects, etc.

We are working on creating a community of knitters who are motivated, passionate, committed and reliable. Together, they will form the core of this enterprise and the source of its success.

Learn about the ladies behind Madigner (~1min pitch)